The perfume sales lady

One thing I hate is door to door salespeople. In our neighborhood, we happen to get quite a bit of them. Why? I have no idea, but we just do. One door to door salesperson that came this last weekend was a perfume sales lady. I would have not even answered the door, but my wife likes those kind of door to door sales, so I had to let her in. My wife ended up buying some perfume, but the worst part of this, was what the perfume lady did to the air quality in our home! She was spraying all kinds of junk all over the place, and the house smelled like a strong scent that made my stomach turn. It’s situations like this where my whole home air purification system comes in handy. I originally invested in this whole home air purification system because of our kid’s allergies when the weather gets a bit crazy around the summer months of the year. The whole home air purification system always worked well to nearly cure my kid of their allergies. So, now I was going to try it to see if it would clear out this bad smell and awful air quality this annoying perfume sales woman left in my house! After I let the whole home air purification system run for about an hour, slowly, the awful perfume smell began to clear. Within a few hours of running the air purification system, the air was finally clear. I told my wife to do her perfume buying outside on the porch next time.