Working overtime

Sometimes us normal class folks have to do something called “working overtime” in order to get the money we need to get things that we want.

It really is horrible sometimes to have to do this, however, we just have to do it.

This is what I did for a few months straight in order to reach my financial goal of being able to get radiant heated floors installed into my home. I have been wanting radiant heated floors for the upcoming Winter after experiencing radiant heated floors at my cousins house. Ever since that day, I had been obsessed with getting radiant heated floors! My cousin is pretty well off financially, so she could afford to have things like radiant heated floors without another thought. Normal folks like us could not afford radiant heated floors at the drop of a hat like her. Anyways, I slaved my rear off those few months to be able to afford the radiant heated floors. I have to say, that although working all of those extra hours at the office nearly wiped me out and put me in the hospital. It was well worth it! We had our radiant heated floors installed a few weeks ago, and we just used them for the first time the other day when it got a little chilly late in the evening. These radiant heated floors are literally the best piece of HVAC technology to ever hit the market in terms of heating! After experiencing radiant heated floors in my own home, I could never go back to normal central heating!