I had heard much about the new doctor in town, so when my daughter developed a cold, I decided to take her to see him. For what I had heard, this new guy was at the top of his profession, all fitted out with the finest in know-how and scientific equipment. A little bird also told me he had looks to kill but having a doting husband already, I had no interest in the doctor’s psyque, just his brain.

          We got an appointment for one o’clock but I like to be early so Kerry and I checked in at about 12:40. The minute I entered the office I began to regret coming early. The place was so cold that I feared my kid would develop pneumonia before the doctor could see her. I immediately went to have a talk with the receptionist about upping the thermostat setting a bit. The temperature in that place was about 60 degrees or lower. It must be great to have such a fine running AC unit, but HVAC is supposed to preserve, not take life. Everybody in the waiting were either tightly hugging themselves, or were dressed like on a trek to the North Pole.

           In an impatient tone, the receptionist told me that the thermostat was at a setting “common to all doctors’ offices”. I guess she trying to tell me that all medics like freezing indoor air. I sensed I could not make this woman change her “prescribed temperature”, so I took Kerry back to the car, turned that HVAC to a moderate level, and waited. At exactly  one p.m. we went back in.

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