Setting up a date for the Heating and A/C instal

When you need to get a modern Heating and A/C idea installed for a lake condo you’re about to move into, it can end up being a hassle sometimes! This was the case for myself and others when I got our modern lake condo last year; Everything seemed to have been going pretty smooth, until it was time to try to set up the heating and a/c specialists to instal the Heating and A/C unit.

  • Trying to get a time window that would labor for myself and others was next to impossible; It seemed every single time slot they had opened was when I had to be at our task, because of having to take time off to do our move, I could not afford to take the day off! I tried explaining this to the heating and a/c corporation, but they just could not make any special time requests.

They claimed they were all booked up… Well, i found out that was a lie. When I said to them, that I would just have to go elsewhere to buy and install our modern central heating and cooling system, they hastily then told myself and others to hold on. I was locationd on hold for about 10 sixths, and then they came back and said, “good news, I think all of us can labor around your time schedule!”. I knew if I pulled the old trick of saying I was going to shop elsewhere, that they would labor something out! Most companies are just set in their ways, and to be perfectly honest, it’s entirely stupid!


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