My first time scheduling a tune-up for my heating and air conditioning system

Not too long ago, my home started having issues with the indoor air quality.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with my home’s ventilation.

Maybe there was a clog in the vents somewhere, or a dead animal trapped in a junction in the attic. I know that’s pretty macabre, but that’s just what I expect nowadays. Anyhow, I had a guy from the pest control company I usually trust to come check out the ductwork for my HVAC system. Surprisingly enough, they found nothing! There was no indicator of a pest issue or anything like that. With nothing to go on, I was at a loss. The pest control guy recommended I get in touch with a heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair company, so I did! I had never scheduled a visit with these people before, but they were very courteous. It was a lot like scheduling a visit to the doctor’s office, or a visit from the cable company. You pick a time, and they give you a window that’s reasonable for when they can be expected to drop in. Once the guys actually dropped by my house, they quickly located the source of the problem: mold accumulation inside the ducts! It was in a region that the pest control guy couldn’t see. I was just thankful they found the source and could begin to treat it! If they hadn’t, I can’t imagine what kind of health risks I could have been risking by not tending to the indoor air quality.

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