Scary writing pays for modern Heating and Air Conditioning system

I was regularly a child who was super into horror movies, books, comics, as well as legitimately anything that was disturbing; My Dad never got it, but assumed I would grow out of it… Spoiler alert — I never grew out of it, as well as am now an adult as deep into disturbing stuff as I ever have been.

My Dad still doesn’t get it, but because I have parlayed it into a work of sorts she is resigned to it, however her core question, which is a philosophical one at heart, is how I benefit from perpetuating such horror.

Seeing as how my writing just paid for a modern central Heating and Air Conditioning system for her house, I know her question now has an answer, but last year I was able to buy my own home, as well as this year I put my extra currency into upgrading her heating system as well as air conditioning system… For as far back as she hated horror stories, she also had the same ancient temperature control for her house, however of course, the temperature control was the only section of the system that I could see, as well as behind the walls it was in even worse shape. Once I got an expert in there to expect it, I found out that aside from the Heating and Air Conditioning unit she also needed a lot of modern HVAC duct installed. She was astounded at how much all the Heating and Air Conditioning labor cost, as well as even more astounded that I was absolutely able to spend my savings for it. She may not understand horror, or enjoy it, but now she knows it pays well enough to buy her an a/c unit.
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