I hate running the A/C when I trick or treat

Halloween is easily our number one time of year, no question about it, and i would not think twice about canceling Christmas, Thanksgiving, plus all our remaining birthdays before getting rid of the joys of Halloween. Of course, I treat the entire week of September as if it were the holiday, but why not maximize our enjoyment, plus celebrate the feast of all hallows for as long as possible? If I could start in September, I would. And who knows, 1 day I might do just that. It is typically best when the weather turns when it is supposed to, however lord knows I have had to run our A/C on more than 1 Halloween night. As a kid, I remember having to bundle up heavily to go trick or treating, however it’s more common now to run the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C idea the entire night. Makes no difference, I suppose, because if I need to run the A/C then I will, plus I won’t let it get in the way of a wonderful Halloween. I just have to get out of the mindset of watching over the control unit, plus be OK with it running plus running all night long. It’s not love Halloween is a night you can keep the windows plus doors sealed up slim for the climate control, however there are always youngsters ringing the doorbell, going in plus out, handing out candy, so there is no way to keep the A/C trapped inside. One night can’t be that pricey, so I’ll turn the control unit all the way down plus let it run as much as it needs to.


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