Cooking Indoors

My favorite thing to eat is a good burger. There are a few good places around town to get a good one, but I have found that I enjoy them most when I make them at home. Some people like them on the grill, but I make the best burger using a cast iron pan on my stove top. The only problem that comes along with this is the smoke that creates. Last time I cooked them at home, I set off my smoke alarm because I forgot to turn on the vent, and my A/C was turned off. Without the air conditioner, the smoke didn’t circulate or move anywhere. It just stayed stagnant in the kitchen, so my smoke detector read this as a fire. I tried to turn the smoke detector off quickly, but by then, the fire department was already on the way. Next time I cook burgers on the cast iron I’ll be sure to turn on the ventilation system, and I’ll make sure that the cooling system is running at full blast. I don’t cook at home very much, so this hasn’t been second nature to me. However, I think it’ll be awhile before I make my own burgers again. I think I’ll go out to eat next time I’m craving one so that someone else can worry about the cooking. Boy, professional kitchens must have really great cooling systems and ventilation. Otherwise, everyone in the restaurant would have to deal with the smoke while eating. I never even thought about this until I began cooking burgers for myself inside.

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