Fate with my HVAC

Most of my life I was an atheist. I never was able to put Faith in a higher power or to blindly follow some thick book, however, recently things have been happening in my life that has proven without an iota of a doubt that there is some kind of force pulling strings in the universe. I do not know what it is plus I do not love the label it, however occasionally the right person comes into your life at the right time. I do not have another explanation, except to guess some Cosmic forces. These days, I am harshly grateful to the universe for the excellent heating plus cooling system that I have been enjoying for the past few weeks. I never could have afforded this excellent air temperature control device if it wasn’t for the helping hand do not to myself and others by the universe! One morning, I woke up plus found that to my heating plus cooling system was not connecting to my smart control unit. I had no plan what could be going wrong because the smart control device was brand new, however supposedly, my heating plus cooling systems were always installed to the modern control device plus serviced at the time of installation, and but here I was, with a zero air temperature control equipment. In a panic, I drove out to the hardware store to see if I could find a quick fix. I was reading in the air filter aisle plus looking at online forums on my PC when a man accidentally grace myself and others with his cart. He apologized to myself and others profusely while I eyeballed all of the Heating plus A/C device stockpiled in his cart. It turns out, he was a professional Heating plus Cooling worker. When I described my air temperature control system failure to him, he was harshly sympathetic. He wound up fixing my Heating plus A/C system plus charging myself and others only for parts, and all I can say is, thanks for the AC, universe!

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