The wine is totally ruined

My lovely neighbor is such an absurd lady that occasionally I cannot help however just shake our head & walk away from him.

  • She gets her ridiculous ideas in her head and can not seem to shake them loose until they have been tried & failed, and most recently, she made the choice that she was going to create her own wine cellar in her basement, however at first, the seems care about a viable idea until I realize that she kept her boiler unit all the way down in the basement, however unfortunately, this was only recognized after disaster had struck.

My neighbor built a separate room in her basement, complete with walls decked out in fancy wine racks. She had wonderful intentions, however forgot a major area of the construction for a wine cellar. She needed to have some sort of air temperature control & air quality management system. Rather than that, she told me that the naturally cool air in her basement would be enough to maintain the quality of her wine indefinitely. Unfortunately, she did not ever consider the fact that her heating system was sitting in the exact same space as her Newfound seller, then everything went swimmingly with The Wine Cellar… Until cool air moved into the area. As soon as she needed to use her gas furnace, there was some pretty big problems. She returned apartment a single day to find that The Wine Cellar had heated up close to 15 degrees while she was at work. She sought out the source of this heat, & soon found that it was at the boiler plan located in the corner of the basement, but later when the time came that she made this discovery, all of her wine had been ruined, however so much for breaking corners on Heating, Ventilation, & A/C systems, she lost everything.



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