Climate control for the wine

A good friend that I have is such a bizarre person that sometimes I can’t help however just shake our head plus walk away from him, then he gets his crazy ideas in his head plus can’t seem to shake them loose until they’ve been tried and failed.

Just the other day, he decided he was going to create his own wine cellar in his basement, then at first, seems as if a viable unit until I realize that he kept his boiler plan down in the basement, but unfortunately, this was only understood after disaster had happened to us.

My acquaintance built a separate room in his basement, complete with walls covered in extravagant wine racks. He had the best possible intentions, however forgot a major section of the construction for a wine cellar. He needed to have some sort of air temperature control as well as air quality management system! Instead of doing that, he thought that the naturally cool air in his basement would be enough to maintain the quality of his wine indefinitely. Unfortunately, he did not ever consider the fact that his heating unit was placed in the exact same section as his Newfound seller. Everything went swimmingly with The Wine Cellar… Until cool air moved into the area. As soon as he needed to use his oil furnace, there was some extreme problems. He returned lake house a single day to find that The Wine Cellar had heated up to around 15 degrees while he was at work. He sought out the source of this heat, and instantly found that it was at the boiler plan located in the corner of the basement, by the time he made this discovery, all of his wine had been ruined, but so much for cutting corners on Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems, he lost everything.



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