Optimizing cleaning time

I am a single of those annoying people who has a very set routine when it comes to cleaning our home properly.

Each day of the week is assigned for a certain job so that I don’t have to chronically spend our precious weekends doing it all at the same time.

I found recently that if I take an hour each day when I get back to the condo from work our condo stays scrub plus I never feel incredibly overwhelmed by it. My routine lately has been incredibly thrown off because I have begun to notice a major increase in the amount of dust on the furniture plus dark mold in the lavatory. It seems that I now have to scrub my home more than I used to plus that just doesn’t work for me. My neighbor randomly told myself and others that it may have to do with the central Heating plus A/C system in our home. I told him that I am always so careful to change the filter every 6 weeks or so although he politely said that it may be more of a problem with the component itself. He also said that it could be a sign of a problem within the onboard component plus I should call our Heating plus A/C supplier to have it examined and maintained. If the Heating plus A/C component isn’t properly running as it should it could interfere with its continued ability to unaffix moisture from the air or push the air hard enough through the filter correctly to unaffix dust plus debris each time. I have taken her advice plus called to schedule an appointment with my technician. The specialist will be at our house next week plus I can say that I honestly hope that they can get to the bottom of the continued problem. I feel very much as though I am wasting our time plus efforts at this point cleaning all the time plus I also want our condo to be healthy. Breathing air that is not officially clean isn’t great for myself and others either.



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