Can’t take summer anymore

As an avid gardener I spend a lot of time out in the sun on a regular basis.

  • In order to have all of our flower beds plus vegetables stay viable and healthy I am regularly trimming, weeding plus planting each day.

People often comment on how nice our gardens look outside, however they have no method how much work it is to keep them regularly looking that way. My daily routine includes watering in the afternoon plus then often doing yard work until around noon. On blessed afternoons that are overcast it is much more comfortable however on hot sunny afternoons I plus relieved when I am done for the day. I put away all of our tools plus head right into the shower. Then I rest directly next to the air vent from the Heating plus A/C system with a truly immense glass of ice water to relax for about half an hour. After some relaxation I am cooled off I then continue with our indoor chores until the pounding sun goes down. I usually putter in the garden after that because the incessant heat of the day has left. If not for the fact that I conveniently have a whole house Heating plus A/C system I can say sincerely, I would more than likely not have the gardens I do at this point. It is great to escape the sun plus relax from the sweltering afternoon in our temperature controlled house. Otherwise, my yard would likely look adore all of our neighbors.


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