Don’t forget your sweater

Sadly, a dear neighbor of mine was recently admitted to the ICU Last week after taking way too much medication.

She ended up overdosing plus had to be immediately taken in our ambulance, however she has no immediate close family so I am listed as her emergency contact.

When I randomly got the call I was very scared for her plus drove as fast as I possibly could to see how she was. They told myself and others that she was definitely still unconscious plus that I would have to wait in the outer waiting room until they had an replace. I left right from work right away plus I was only wearing a skirt plus light top which was truly horrible because the room was freezing cold. Even the medical staff in that place were wearing sweaters or light coats. I asked why the temperature was kept so low plus they said that all of the devices generated so much heat that they needed to keep the indoor temperature down. They said that the air conditioning even usually ran during Wintertide in their section of the hospital. They recommended many times that I dress more warmly if I was going to be regularly visiting our neighbor in the coming afternoons. They even said a few times that I should bring a light blanket with me. I sat there, perfectly still, for numerous hours, freezing, plus waiting for any sort of news on our friends condition. They finally told myself and others privately that she was stable plus recommended that I head home. All I can do is hope that she will recover soon.