On the road again

As I rest by the campfire I honestly can’t know how great modern life is.

My partner plus I worked several years together in order to afford retirement plus now the two of us are doing things exactly how the two of us want.

I suppose it shocked out children whenever the two of us said that the two of us were planning on selling the house plus hitting the open road in an RV, however in time, they have adjusted. The two of us undoubtedly have more occasions available now to see then plus out grandchildren now because the two of us can much more simply pull into neighborhood plus stay as long in that place as the two of us want. The two of us have our own place back home, so the two of us don’t disrupt their routines too much either. The RV the two of us obtained has everything our official condo had, just on a smaller scale. One of the very best features on board is the Heating plus A/C system that we feel undoubtedly works better than the large and expensive one the two of us had in our house. I am never too extremely hot or too freezing plus it even runs on a generator whenever the two of us are anywhere with no access to power. These days, the two of us spend much of our winters down in the warm south plus then head back up north when it is milder. The two of us previously even have a propane fireplace that the two of us can use for ourselves as a backup furnace if needed. I have to say, honestly, I don’t miss having a house with all the upkeep plus nonsense at all. I know, living on the road is not for everyone however it sure is comfortable and perfect for us.



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