Expanding our house

At first glance, most people think that my house is small, but I’ve added on to the back area, and it is actually quite big. It used to have three bedrooms, but now we have four plus an additional living space. My husband and I did this after we had our second child because we wanted an extra room so that our kids could have their own and we could still have an office. The new office turned out nice, and when we added it we made sure to expand our HVAC unit too. We did it because we knew that there was no way the HVAC unit would be able to cool more square footage. When we changed our HVAC unit, we also made sure that we had a zone controlled one installed. This was important to us because we wanted to know that we would be able to adjust the thermostat to different temperatures in each individual room. This would allow us to save money because we wouldn’t have to run the A/C throughout the entire house when we were only using one or two rooms. With two kids, saving money in any way possible became very important to us, and that’s why we chose to plan ahead like this. All of the renovations weren’t easy, but in the long run they have been well worth it. Now, our house is able to hold all of our family comfortably, and we are able to have full control over our cooling system. I love our home because it suits all of our needs.

zone control