Can’t stay warm this time

The two of us just found what the two of us thought was a super great place to spend a weekend however it turned out to be awful for everyone.

The two of us went through a single of those getaway rental sites which is supposed to be helpful, plus had the two of us study the review of the property ahead of time the two of us would not have ever booked it at all. The two of us travelled numerous hours to eventually reach our endpoint so the two of us decided to try and make the best of it for the few afternoons the two of us would be there together. The lake house that the two of us rented was beautiful plus we loved that it was located deep in the woods where the two of us would not be potentially bothered by other getawayers. The giant problem that the two of us personally had was the temperature once the sun went down. During the middle of the day when the two af us were hiking, fishing, plus spending quality time outside in the sun it was great however after it was dark the temperature dropped dramatically. The only single heat source in the lake house was a small wood burning fireplace in the living room plus the two of us had to take turns waking up to put logs on it to stay warm. This made for a very tiring getaway instead of relaxing, like the two of us were looking forward to. What made matters far worse was the fact that the “fully stocked” lake house did not actually have enough blankets to keep us hot in bed. The two of us all ended up sleeping in our long and uncomfortable pants plus sweatshirts just to keep warm. When Sunday arrived, after what seemed like a lifetime, plus it was time to head condo none of us felt salty or complained that our trip was coming to an end. All I personally wanted to do was go home, take a very hot and steamy shower plus adore the warmth of our working Heating plus A/C system.

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