Ready for fall – retire AC

For the past two days I’ve been desperately digging around in my attic and crawl space.

I’ve crawled through so many spider webs, been completely covered in dust and mold, and encountered at least one dead rodent.

It hasn’t been a particularly fun week. I have to say, when I was wishing for the end of summer, I wasn’t imagining that Fall would start out this way. You see, I live in the south. For the past six months the outdoor air temperature has been sweltering and humid. All of a sudden, the air shifted direction and we received a refreshing breath of cool, fresh fall air. Don’t get me wrong, this is exactly what I have been praying for 4 weeks. The problem is, I wasn’t prepared for the abrupt shift in hot and cold air temperatures. In fact, I only had my summer clothes at my disposal. This is why I had to start crawling around through all of my home storage spaces, and the desperate search for warmth. Besides needing to access my warmer layers of clothing, I also desperately need to call out my heating and cooling technician for all of my air temperature control needs. Since we’re changing seasons, it’s time to change air handling equipment. I need my air conditioning system cleaned up and packed up for the winter, and my furnace needs to be in tip-top shape to start running throughout the fall. When I was praying for cool air to provide some relief, I should have included a provision for free Heating and Cooling equipment maintenance.


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