I won’t miss my group physical training class no matter what

I attend a group physical training class several times a week, no matter if I go or not, I get charged, then the personal trainer charged us a modest fee just to take the class for multiple months at a time; All of us pay up front and it’s up to the individual if they are going or not, it sort of reminds myself and others of how college was structured.

The fee was just overpriced enough that it would take a lot for myself and others to miss any fitness classes! Since it is the Winter season now, there is a lot now working against myself and others getting to this class.

A few short weeks ago I was dealing with major snow. I had to shovel, scrape and then heat my pickup truck before leaving. The fitness class is only a single hour. I refuse to show up late and even miss a single minute of it… With the prep to leave the house, it was like an all morning event. Now I am dealing with not feeling so well, but last year I had a headache and stomach pain, but doing a physical training class with some weight lifting, cardio and ab exercises are super tough when you don’t feel well. I managed to pull through and do both classes that week. This month I have been legitimately feeling poorly. I have been nauseous all morning this week. I legitimately should stay at home in bed and drink plenty of fluids. My husband is all over myself and others that the fitness class is not really that important. I don’t want to miss it since I paid for it though. So I am going to have to drag my sick tired body down to physical training twice this week.

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