I have not been taking the group fitness class that serious

My friend group and I all do a group fitness training class at the local body wellness center; Once a month or so the crew of us do an hour long class.

All of us get a great job out, go out to breakfast and have beers or wine together.

It is a great excuse to catch up with a single another. The personal trainer who runs the class takes it super seriously. All of us have goals that each of us need to achieve. All of us also do exercises catered to our body type, weight and goals. Most of the physical training class is a hobby for the crew. All of us can do the exercises all together and chat. Sometimes the personal trainer will put us in partners of similar physical abilities and occasionally the two of us job out separately. This feels sort of like college, only a lot more fun. I want to be paired with my best buddy Sandy, even though she is not as fit as me. I usually end up partnered with this hardcore fitness girl named Becky. Becky practically races to finish the exercises. She also pushes myself hard, and others to do more too. I get it, the two of us are paying for a fitness class to be run by the personal trainer. I do want to get a great workout. My partner Becky acts like the two of us are both training for the apocalypse and the two of us need to run away from zombies. I just want to burn enough calories to not feel guilty about the large amounts of white wine I am going to drink after class. I bet my partner would have a heart attack if she knew I really wasn’t following the health plan set up by the trainer.


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