Body wellness class helps a lot after my motorcar accident

2 years ago I got into a exhausting motorcar accident.

  • My neck, shoulders and back got all very messed up because of it.

First I tried going to the chiropractor, a massage therapist and even soaking in a tepid tub annually to repair my nagging pain. I still would wake up sore and had a great deal of trouble doing normal everyday things. One thing that was rough was now working out. I could barely even move my upper body. That left out push ups, running and jump rope. Basically I could do ab crunches in moderation and squats. Needless to say, I acquired quite a bit of weight. I looked around on the computer to see if there was anything I could do about my pain. I found a core progression gym nearby that provided body wellness and reusey programs. The fitness program is meant for folks with severe pain that want to job out! Even with this, I was not overly optimistic. Everything I had tried out in the past did not work, so why would this? The personal trainer that runs the class is simply amazing, then he is very correct with the body and has taken college courses on total body awareness. He basically is a chiropractor/fitness guru rolled up in a single muscle-bound package. The fitness trainer is excellent at giving exercises that don’t aggravate my many injuries. All the stretches are meant to help out my stiffness and pain. He told myself and others to stretch ourselves out every morning and I would notice a difference. I have been doing this and taking the weekly class on top of it. I have observed a significant change in my body mobility.


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