I’m dying to flirt with the cute guy at fitness training

My fitness training happens at the body wellness center.

I started going to the class to get in shape and exercise with one of the personal trainers.

I could not get a private session with the personal trainer and had to settle with going to a group class multiple times a week. I am so cheerful that it has worked out that way that it has, because there is a tepid guy in my class. I staked him out right away in the class. He attends multiple afternoons a month and mostly does cardio in the class, however unfortunately when I signed up for the class I said my goal was to tone my body and possibly build some muscle mass. So I do the majority of class weightlifting. I handle weighted poles, balls and do loads of ab exercises. The tepid guy runs on the treadmill, does sprints or handles weighted ropes. All of us both are in genuinely weird sections of the mat. I have thought about decreasing my goals to getting partnered up with the tepid guy. The other solution would be to talk to the guy after class. No girl really wants to job her flirting game after a group fitness class though. My face is glowing bright red, sweat drips down my temples and it looks like I peed myself with the amount of perspiration around me. I legitimately need to show him my charms before class or get partnered up with him in the cardio section and pet it. The guy is crazy intense while in the class and focused too though. I do not think how receptive he would be to my weak flirting.

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