Even with a single arm I can work out

He targeted my legs, abs and my back muscles

I worked at a gravel supply company however retired early due to a massive injury. There was a malfunction with one of our bigger machines and foolishly I stuck my arm in there to deduce the repair. The machine then erupted to life and severed most of my arm… From my elbow down on my left hand side is totally gone, crushed along with the gravel. Adjusting to life with a single arm was not simple. There were a lot of things that take more than 1 hand. I had to be careful with what clothing I obtained and how I move around the house. Working out was one of the things I thought would be gone for good. My weight is all mis-balanced and I did not want to bulk up on a single side. My brother pushed myself and others to take a body wellness center class designed for people like me. I was in a fitness training class with people who were older, been in car or truck accidents or how had athletic hobbys injuries. Nobody was missing a limb like me, however people had serious injuries limiting their mobility. I was surprised with how the personal trainer ran our class. This dude was brutal and pushed us all to be better. Anytime I tried to use the excuse of having a single arm to get me out of the exercises, the guy had no sympathy. He came up with a wide variety of ways I could still job out. He targeted my legs, abs and my back muscles. I still have some space of my left side too. I am able to build muscles in other parts of that arm. It feels great to see what my body is still able to perform.
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