The only gym available was a personal training gym

When I moved down south there were a few arenas of supplies that I had to find.

First, I needed to figure out where the best pizza was made.

Second, I needed to locate the grocery store that carried the best fresh produce for the lowest price. Finally, I needed to find a gym where I could go to work out. I exercise more than four afternoons a month and I care about to do it at the gym. I like being able to do weightlifting, cardio, and yoga. I need the space, device and air conditioning a gym has to offer. The closest appropriate facility near myself and others was a personal training center. There was no main section with treadmills and weights where the people are let loose. The gym is dead set against that plan of now working out. Apparently in order to lose the most weight and make it worth the membership fee, you need to be monitored by a certified fitness expert. I decided to supply it a try. I signed up to try out a group fitness class more than four afternoons a week. I kind of assumed I would be way better than most people in class and then need to find somewhere else to go for exercise. I suddenly realized that I was the worst a single in class. The personal trainer had tons of exercise programs I have never done before. There were also devices I had never used before. I never tried weight ropes, wobble boards or perfect push up pieces in my life. I also had not jumped rope since I was about 10. The guy was hardcore on the whole class about blazing through the timed stations. I was terrible, although I am excited to go back and get better.
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