Personal training is very similar to teaching school

The class enjoys working with this style.

About halfway through college I realized that I did not want to be an instructor. Already I had taken a vast majority of the education course load and done well with them. I then changed over to exercise science. I was pleasantly surprised that see a lot of my classes transferred over. Also, my extensive experience with teaching in a classroom was incredibly helpful later in life. I job at a personal training center and my education courses have legitimately come in quite handy for me. All the knowledge in the world on fitness does not make a great trainer. I have a special approach to how I conduct my group fitness classes. I like to do the bulk of class in whole group. All of us all start on the same exercises with similar device for most of it. Then for a portion of class I like to have people partner up. I partner people based on goals, strengths or sometimes their personalities. It is only the last few minutes of class that I have individual job going on. I always ran my lesson plans in college for elementary students the same way. The class enjoys working with this style. I supply my students the best of everything. Whole group is a way for most people to see if they remain on pace with the fitness level of the class… Partner job is a great way to motivate and encourage the pairs. When doing an exercise individually, each person is allowed to job on what they feel they struggle with, whether it is weightlifting or cardio. I think I would have been a really great instructor in a college system, although I like fitness so much more.



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