My neighbor's pole dancing classes are taking off

My neighbor has some really great ideas to branch out as well with her gym.

My next door neighbor Kelsey does a pole dancing class as a side business. She bounced around with a lot of weird fitness classes. She did spin class, then pilates, tepid yoga and even did some personal training. She found that enjoys pole dancing the best. My neighbor says it is the best way to achieve both lower body and upper body work. Pole dancing also requires strength, balance, and coordination. Her students just like the class and she can teach everyday after work. My neighbor wants to offer the class at her gym full time. She needs to offer more classes though. Kelsey wants myself and a few others to be a certified fitness expert and teach classes at her gym. I have looked around elsewhere to see what would interest myself and others the most. I suppose I would like to get more into personal training sessions. I could do group fitness classes more than four afternoons a month if I wanted to. I have a fair amount of teaching experience due to my old job and I am AED and CPR certified. I would just need a few more classes and certifications to be an actual expert. I also have a lot of ideas on how I would do my group fitness classes. My neighbor has some really great ideas to branch out as well with her gym. She wants to offer nutritional counseling that will give her students health plans. This way the two of us handle the job outs and someone else will handle what they eat for maximum success. She is getting a little ahead of herself at the moment. But, I could see a single morning where the gym might need multiple people now running it.

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