Family Time During Summer

My siblings are my all time favorite people. There are four of us total, and we are all pretty close in age. We all live in different cities now that we’re grown and have jobs and families, but we talk regularly and take an annual vacation together. During the vacation we always rent a huge house big enough to fit us all. The house is usually in the mountains or some other pretty place. One must-have I always insist on when we choose a rental house is a zone controlled HVAC unit. This matters because with so many people in one house, it’s important that we are able to get our individual rooms comfortable. Zone controlled HVAC units allow us to set a different temperature in each room so no one person feels too hot or too cold. We realized that we needed this type of HVAC unit a few years back when my oldest brother nearly froze us to death. For the entire week, he insisted on leaving the A/C running at full blast, and we were all chilly each time we came in from a hike or from some outdoor activity. Now, bro is able to keep his room as cold as he likes without making the rest of us uncomfortable. I always enjoy our vacations together, so I’m really glad that we were able to work through this little problem! I couldn’t imagine a summer vacation without having all of my family around, so the zone controlled cooling system really saved the day. My siblings are the best, and I love spending time together.

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