Going to opposite sections of the wellness center complex

My husband and I are such opposites when dealing with the body fitness and wellness center in our city.

I use the gym portion of the complex for a job out.

Sometimes I take a personal training class or 2, however most of the time I exercise all on my own. I like to handle my own cardio, weight lifting and stretching. The fitness and wellness center has a nice pool that I sometimes swim laps in as well. My whole goal there is to get as great a workout as possible. Since the gym is also a fitness and wellness center, there are saunas, steam rooms and tepid tubs all over the arena. My husband attends strictly to the wellness portion of the building. He enjoys the relaxation aspect, especially after a shift of work. He wants to get his mind off the morning and feel at peace. He mostly hangs out in the heated tub to loosen his muscles or is in the saunas chatting people up. In the steam rooms he will occasionally stretch out. On afternoons where I do personal training for an hour, he will get a massage for an hour or so. The multiple of us have never gone to the other side of the building. I never have stepped into the tepid tubs and he hasn’t been on any of the treadmills. To each his own I guess. I like getting to job out and feel great about myself afterward. My husband goes there just to feel cleansed. Sometimes he will take a yoga class to get a slight job out and more of a good stretch. But, other than that, he sticks to relaxation.

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