Custom arch, table and chairs for the wedding

As Silas and I were planning our wedding, we made a plan to hold it outside.

Silas’ parents have a gorgeous piece of land that has been in the family for multiple generations.

There’s a small lake with swans, ducks and big sycamore trees. There’s tons of wisteria and a view of the lake in the distance. Silas and I planned to rent a tent in case of dire weather and bring in plenty of tables and chairs. Silas and I definitely hoped to make our day special and we wanted something more than pictures to remember it by. Silas came up with the idea of having many pieces of furniture custom constructed for the big day. We found a master craftsman in the area who was able to complete all of our requirements in time for the wedding. Silas and I knew the date was making the timeframe for the job rather difficult. We commissioned him to build an arch, bit table and chairs. Our idea was to get married under the arch and then place it in the garden of our new home. In order to commemorate the location of our wedding, the arch was carved to look love the branches from sycamore trees with wisteria climbing up the sides. Every one of us asked for a rectangular-shaped family room table with leaves than can be taken out to make it tiny. When assembled to full size, it needed to be large enough to accommodate the entire wedding party. There was around 8 of us and we also required matching chairs. The table and chairs included carvings to match the arch too.

Traditional excellence at home