Getting ourselves a custom built recliner

I was hoping to get my boyfriend a new recliner for his birthday.

  • His old recliner was literally falling into pieces.

We’d gotten it used from his parents and it was absolutely showing its age. The fabric was faded in spots, stained and torn all over the bottom. The footrest often refused to go up and down. I was hoping to find something that was comfy and of fantastic quality that would match the decor of the living room. My boyfriend is a large man. He’s over six feet tall and around 200 pounds. We needed a good-sized, sturdy chair, and he definitely wanted the recliner to have a cup holder. We then searched every furniture store in the area. My boyfriend and I even ran tests out on chairs from the internet. Anything that accommodated his size was hideous and awful. The chairs were of poor quality and I knew the frame and fabric would never hold up. I finally went to a custom furniture shop and explained what we were looking for. They were extremely great about the task. They asked all sorts of questions to establish the exact size, style, color and fabric to go on the recliner. We determined every detail, from the width of the armrests to the height of the backrest and how long the extension should be. They took into consideration my boyfriend’s height and weight and our desire to conceal the cup holder. I didn’t get the recliner in time for his birthday. The wait was worth it though.


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