Getting durable lanai furniture made

We have a lanai where our family prefers to sit and eat supper or even use it to relax.

Our lanai provides a great view of the woods where we often spot deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and coyotes.

But, there is an absolutely strong wind that blows across the back of the house. Our current section also experiences serious weather, including intense sunshine, heavy rains and sizable feet of snow. Any furniture left on the lanai gets destroyed absolutely quick. The lanai is lifted off the ground slightly. Hauling furniture on and off the lanai to protect it from the weather isn’t that great. Every one of us needed something hardcore that looks attractive, is comfortable and yet can survive the wear and tear of year round heat and cool temperatures. I ran tests on all of the stores in the section for outdoor furniture. Everything was too floppy, flimsy and not durable enough. My buddy told me to contact a local custom furniture maker. When I spoke with the furniture builder, he was super helpful. I explained the problems I was having and what type of lanai furniture I was looking for. He asked a series of questions, establishing the exact size for each item, and I ended up putting down some money for it. Although our lanai furniture was far more pricey than what’s available at the conventional stores, it’s also ideal for our needs. Every furniture piece was custom built to our measurements and is both functional and wonderful.

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