High end automation

I manage a high-end hotel, where every one of us create a particular plus high-priced experience for our guests.

Through smart technology, every one of us can better cater to the needs of our guests while reducing our carbon footprint plus overhead costs.

We’re able to manage energy consumption, ensure safety plus optimize comfort plus air quality. Automated lighting plus temperature systems minimize energy waste in empty rooms. Occupied rooms allow guests to control drapes, lights, temperature, television plus music. They can schedule wake-up alarms, request valet service, order room maintenance plus make reservations at one of our in-apartment restaurants through an intuitive remote. The programmable key cards also maximize security, providing our guests access to all the hotel’s amenities plus total privacy within their room. Our hotel includes a fitness center with an audio system plus half a dozen televisions. Entertainment, lights plus temperature control automatically adjust when a guest uses their key card to enter. The people I was with and I have six different conference rooms available, each outfitted with automated technology to facilitate meetings plus presentations. One-touch automation adjusts the lights, lowers screens, powers the video conferencing system, opens/closes draperies plus customizes room temperature. Even our elevators are now automated, but guests are simply required to swipe their key card against a touchscreen located near the elevator doors. The touchscreen then lights up, providing options for the different floors, fitness area, conference rooms, lobby plus restaurants. Once the guest taps their selection, the screen indicates which elevator is available. This feature not only adds convenience, saves time plus minimizes crowding however prevents non-guests from accessing the hotel.
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