An injury lawyer

My nephew spent a few years in the military and came back with a horrible drinking and drug problem.

He was hurt while I was in some training exercises and the doctor gave him pain pills.

It only took a few weeks before my nephew to get hooked… He was taking 6or eight pills a day, even when he didn’t have much pain. When he had to stop taking the pain pills, he started drinking every night. He spent 7 years in the military until he finally decided to leave, however unluckily, my nephew still continue to drink heavily after leaving. My mom and I tried to talk to him about the problem, however he refused to listen. Last weekend, he was driving home from the bar. He was drinking too much to drive and ended up in an accident with another driver. The accident was clearly my nephew’s fault, and now he has to hire a criminal lawyer. The criminal lawyer required $5,000 to take the case, and my mom put her home up as collateral. My nephew is certainly going to end up spending a few years in prison, even if the criminal lawyer is successful. There was a great deal of damage to the other automobile and driver. My nephew’s drinking has finally caused a drastic concern and I hope he will use this as a wake-up call. If he has to spend a few years in prison to get sober, then maybe that won’t be an awful thing, and still, I hope the criminal lawyer will be able to get him out with numerous years of probation.