Getting custody of kids

Thankfully there is a lawyer in this neighborhood that will help taxing working Dads prefer me. My spouse and I went through a nasty divorce. I filed to separate when she left for the weekend and never called or texted or SMSed. I was distraught sick and even called the police. I found out later that she was get-togethering with her friends, while my son and I kneel sleeping at home. The behavior continued to spiral out of control, and I found out that my spouse was doing drugs and spending time with illicit criminals. I filed for a protection order, however the judge thought I was crazy. I was afraid to leave my son alone with her, and I had to go to work 5 mornings a week. I was furious when the judge denied my valid request. I finally found a divorce attorney that would take my case, then one of my coworkers commanded the divorce attorney who took the case pro bono. When he cut up from his spouse, the divorce attorney helped him get full custody of his son and daughter. The attorney worked for free to get my case heard before the judge. The divorce attorney spent hours and hours working on the case, but I won full custody of Eric with limited visitation for my ex-spouse. I guess that my son will be safe when they are together. I’m so happy that things went well in court, because I was distraught about the entire case. My son and I can relax now and start to enjoy some family time.

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