I’m feeling motivated

Every day I try to make sure that I get a little bit of exercise in because I work a job that requires me to sit at my desk all day. So, if I don’t go for a morning jog, I do my best to go to the gym in the evenings. I always feel best when I’m able to jog in the mornings because it wakes me up, but some days it’s entirely too cold to go outside and run. On days like that, I take advantage of the gym because it’s climate controlled. Being able to work out with the heater running feels great when it’s cold and snowy outside. In fact, I’m really glad that I keep my gym membership current because I imagine I would stop staying fit during the cold months without it. I suppose I could always get a treadmill or something so that I could run inside with my own heating system running, but I don’t really want to have to use my extra space to store workout equipment. Staying fit requires some thought because I tend to get so wrapped up in my work and personal routines that it becomes an afterthought. Still, think I’ve done a pretty good job of staying motivated over the past couple of years. As long as I know I have a place with a heater to workout when it gets cold, I think I’ll be just fine! It’s not easy to maintain a normal routine when the temperatures drop, but I’m willing to put in a little extra effort when it calls for it.

RH witt