Helpful HVAC Marketing is the Key to Success

There just is no substitute for professional marketing.

  • I should know because I have just been the direct recipient of such a key element to small business success.

When I took my HVAC skills with me out the door of the big HVAC brand, that’s all I took with me. I was certainly a highly certified and qualified heating and cooling professional. There was no question about that and it got me my first few jobs. But a business minded individual I wasn’t. I really didn’t have any concept of legitimate best business practices. There were no strategy sessions. It was just me, my van and my wife answering the phones and doing the books. We did great given that we accomplished all we did on sheer will and internal fortitude. But, there is a point where confidence and commitment are just not enough to sustain real business growth. I knew this inside but it really hit home when my wife urged me to join her on an appointment with a marketing company that specialize in online and web driven marketing. This company was very well versed in the HVAC business which was really impressive. They also were using modern applications like SEO and SEM to drive traffic to HVAC websites. Their track record was undeniable. I am excited to see what having a serious marketing strategy will do for our HVAC business. It would be nice to have the revenue where I could be in the office a bit more. I would like to grow our crews so I’m in more of a supervisory position. Online marketing is something I am counting on to push us to the next level of success.

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