Partnering up for workout with someone who is more dedicated than me is a hidden perk

One of my favorite things about visiting my friends on the weekend is getting together just to train with this personal trainer at the gym in their town.

Since there’s four of us, we go meet up at the gym to spend some time training with the personal trainer.

After a few hours of rest following the workout, we go out for the night and drink it up at the bars. I know what you’re thinking – appetizers, drinks, and long nights at the bar? You’re right – we do ruin all of our tough work at the gym, but it’s the best way to ruin it since we get to have a wild time at the bars! See, I could care less about the workout itself, as I look forward to sitting around a table with my dudes and having a few drinks with my dear friends. Feeling guilty about all of the calories I take in in the process is not part of the night, no thank you! See, that’s what the hour and a half spent with the personal trainer earlier is for. After all, we set up group training sessions so that we can all workout together! While the personal trainer is great, he insists that we partner up for the sessions. I of course got stuck with some random dude in the class, and let me tell you: the guy is a total maniac! When it comes to exercise, he is constantly providing over 100% of him in each and every exercise. The rest of my friends are all laughing and doing the minimum at times, but this guy? No, this guy isn’t joking around. But hey, that just means I get the hardest workout, and the most calories spent.

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