What each type of heater costs you

Also, zone control is not possible with this option.

There are so many forms of heating out there it kind of gets overwhelming sometimes. The main question is which kind of heating is right for the home? I think it all depends on personal preferences. Second, it depends on what your goals are for heating your home. If you are looking to save energy, a warm water boiler or a steam boiler may be your best bet. Although these things are quickly becoming outdated, they are a cost effective way to heat your home. You can save a whole lot on your weekly energy costs. The boiler can heat a large area with little to no difficulty. It also can be used to heat the home’s water source, blacktop and even be installed in the flooring for radiant heat. There is another option for energy savings. This would be a heat pump. Ductless heat pumps cost quite a bit on the HVAC installation. The replacement costs for these heat pumps can genuinely set you back due to the complicated vertical or horizontal loop system. There is of course, central heating. This is probably the most common form of heating that is in a home. Central heating can be a killer on your energy costs however. If the heater is dirty or has a clogged furnace filter, you could be in real trouble. Also, zone control is not possible with this option. So It would all depend on the weather conditions you live in and how often you need your heater. If you genuinely want to save cash and you don’t need quality heating all year, choose an electric heater. They are excellent at heating small spaces for short burst. Since it is electric though, the costs are quite high to operate.


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