Misprint on the cost

I had seen something pretty weird recently.

I was looking at all kinds of central and commercial heating and a/c systems.

I found online a website that carried both. These commercial and central HVAC devices were all the same exact price! I do not believe if this was some kind of joke or scam. But, I know they should not have cost the same. I always had thought that commercial heating and a/c units were way more expensive than your common heating and a/c system that you put in your home. It’s genuinely mind boggling to tell you the truth. I looked into central and commercial heating and a/c systems on other websites and I seemed to be the right on the money witt this. Commercial Heating as well as A/C units were much more expensive than the residential heating and a/c units. They were almost double the cost. The website that had them all at the same price was for sure some kind of mishap or misprint. I had thought about calling up the heating and a/c provider that was advertising the sale to let them know. If I did, maybe they would supply me a discount on their heat and a/c products. I was genuinely in the market for a new heating system or AC device. Maybe if I was good to these people I could make a deal to get a discount on one of those!

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