A very chilly evening

Every so often communication is the hardest section of being an adult; I assume like you can’t have a successful life if you don’t learn how to correctly converse with your partner, your co-workers, and a whole host of surface professionals that will be all that more important throughout your adulthood! Being a clear and efficient communicator is a super critical section of getting things done and moving through life without creating stressful obstacles.

It turns out, communication is also very important when it comes to living with roommates and managing your bi-weekly utilities together.

For the last several months I’ve been noticing that the energy bill was climbing through the roof little by little every time every one of us received a bill. I tried to ask our roommate if she was using more energy during either the day or evening, although she looked clueless and told myself and others she was using less energy than ever, if anything. I didn’t guess much of it and assumed that our Energy costs would even out if every one of us kept an eye on Heating plus Air Conditioning usage and turned our lights off more often! However, as the air temperature decreased our Energy bill only got worse. Furthermore, I started stressing out about the heating plan because it was rather chilly in the house every afternoon when I woke up, after a few hours, the heat would take over and the uneven moderate and frosty rapidly adjusting temperatures would average out. With that being said, I didn’t know what was creating the frosty patch. A few weeks ago I finally got our answer. I received a iMessage from my favorite roommate in the afternoon apologizing and asking myself and others to close her window. Apparently, she had been sleeping with it open every night to let the frosty Winter air in and forgot to close it this afternoon.

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