Trying to work in other places – no HVAC control

I’m on quite the venture right now, just trying to piece my life together. For the past 9 months I’ve been living in a limbo, working from home but barely making enough cash to get by. I’m trying to get my own business off the ground, so this has been the best case scenario for getting everything accomplished in a day… however I’m getting pretty exhausted for the small amount of cash I’m bringing in. That’s why I’ve finally started looking for real jobs online lately. I am not excited, to say the least. I really love working from home for a number of reasons, and I don’t look forward to being back in an office environment. Probably one of the biggest problems for me is the complete lack of thermostat control that I’ll have once I go back to working for someone else. Working from home, I have the first and last word on HVAC settings. Now that I’m considering going out to work elsewhere, however, I realize I’ll have no jurisdiction over the air temperature. Historically, this has meant that I was doomed to being totally freezing cold at every location. Right now, I’m capable to adjust the AC or furnace at any time, with no effort whatsoever. We even have a smart thermostat, meaning I stay seated while making my minor heating and cooling modifications! It’s the perfect ventilation setup for keeping my work environment totally comfortable all day long. I wish I could find another way to avoid this HVAC isolation. Giving up my freedom and thermostat monarchy is going to be a tough transition.

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