Should really be her friend

A couple of months ago I got our entire Heating in addition to A/C method cleaned up. I got the whole works done on it too. I had it checked over for any loose, rusted or corroded parts on it. The certified heating in addition to cooling dealer that was at our current home worked for minutes, then she was also a pretty cool girl whom I have seen outside of the Heating, Ventilation in addition to air conditioner corporation. The two of us went to private school together, but were not close. But you could say the two of us knew each other in addition to the two of us have hung out with the same crew of gals before. The girl was complaining that she was real hungry in addition to wanted to go eat. So she asked myself in addition to my boyfriend if I would mind if she takes a break in addition to comes back afterwards, of course I didn’t mind at all. She then asked myself in addition to my boyfriend if the two of us wanted to go to lunch with her in addition to it would be her treat. I didn’t believe what to say! But I said yup of course. The three of us were going to a great lunch spot too. And i’ll take a free meal anyday, but especially if it’s from someone I believe that is doing me a favor. The air conditioner specialist was such a fun lunch guest. She was way more fun than I remember her from private school. I then thought I should be more friendly with this girl since she can come in handy when it comes to future HVAC needs.
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