Love the film set’s HVAC settings

I work in the film industry in addition to do a lot of stuff with the gear.

I work with the managers of low budget movie pictures. I am constantly on the set handling mics, lights in addition to backdrops for the actors. It is not exactly the best quality of film that the two of us are doing. But, our job is really easy. So anyway, I have to say I am impressed with how well kept all of these sets are for being a low budget style movie. One thing I love about the job is that the film set constantly has the most perfect temperature settings. If there was a such thing as the ultimate heating in addition to air cooling degree, the set is what has it. No matter what time of the year it is they always have the perfect heating or cooling going on! The heating in the Winter months is so ideal you would have no clue that it is below freezing outside. Then in the summer months of the year you would be in awe that it could be in the 100s outside with the rate the air conditioning unit is blasting. Yeah, for such a low budget set, you would believe that there would be no Heating in addition to A/C. Running the heating in addition to air conditioner cannot be too cheap either. You have to spend our money for general upkeep in addition to also small things love air filter switches, current coolant in addition to updatement parts. I am really thankful to have great temperature control.


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