A very hot burger joint

There is this real big burger place near me that is super popular amongst tourists in addition to locals alike.

They are run by a good family.

They have all kinds of burgers in our section that is just unique and can be built by the customer. This is something I have never seen anywhere else in the United States Of America! So I consider the burgers pretty darn special. If you have not tried this burger joint, you have never legitimately had a real burger before! That is me putting it bluntly. The only thing that I do not love about this burger joint is the fact that their air conditioning method is no good. With the fryers and ovens going on high, all the heat from the many people, in addition to the tepid summertime season, the burger joint is super hot. They do have the air conditioning working. The air conditioning method runs at all times, constantly. They must either have it set way too high like 75 degrees, the device is too small or perhaps the air conditioning is plugged with dirt in addition to cannot run regularly. No matter the reason, the burger joint is sweltering if you want to eat inside; Eating outside in the heat is almost the same thing though. The only difference is that you are in the sunshine. Since it is so popular, they are constantly cooking burgers on those large industrial sized fryers. This is what causes the humidity in the air quality as well. I am legitimately shocked that the guys making the burgers can even work there.

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