The furnace was ten years out of date

When my husband and I moved into our new home, it was in early winter. We couldn’t understand why we were having so many issues with our furnaces. We had found a receipt from a local HVAC company tucked behind the furnace. It showed where the maintenance had been done on the furnace just two months before we moved in. The way the receipt was written up, the furnace was in great working order. I pulled out the receipt and I called the HvAC company and told them of our issues. The person I talked to told me they had no paperwork on them being here to look at the furnace, and they sent a technician out to the house to look at the furnace. I showed him my receipt that I had found and he shook his head. He said that there weren’t any HVAC techs in their company by that name but it was one of their receipts. He looked at the receipt for a bit and he said it looked like the heading had been copied and everything covered so it would like like theirs. I was livid to think the previous owner would do this. He also told me that the last time someone had been here, they had recommended a new furnace. This furnace was almost ten years out of date. When he got home, I told my husband what the technician had said. He couldn’t believe they would lie and he said that we were just going to need to put in a new furnace. We called the HvAC company the next day so we could order a new furnace for our home.

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