My rental house

Aside from the occasional trip to my mom’s house which is about an hour away from me, I rarely get out of town. I took over a management position with my company last year, and since I did, I have been beyond busy. The good news is that I have a week long vacation planned next month. I’m so excited, and I have rented a house in the mountains so that I can relax and be close to nature. The house is pretty rustic. It doesn’t even have an air conditioner! In my opinion, this is the best way to experience the mountains because I like removing myself from my normal routine and forgetting about all of my luxuries back home. Not having a cooling system will take a little bit of adjusting, but I’m sure that I won’t even notice it before long. I try to use my A/C at home as little as possible to save energy, so I’m not the kind of person who leaves it on 24/7 anyway. Aside from that, I plan on being outside as much as possible anyway. There’s a beautiful river that is about a mile hike away from my rental house, so I plan on being there as much as I possibly can. I absolutely love this type of getaway because it makes me more aware of how I live back home. I think it makes me more cognizant of all of the appliances and luxuries that I use, and it helps me be more thoughtful about how I use them. I have a real strong appreciation for nature, and it comes from spending time outdoors on expeditions like these.

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