From pro wrestler to personal trainer

For sixteen years I ran the ropes as a professional wrestler.

No, you have not seen me on television, I never made it that far in the business.

You might be surprised to hear that someone can wrestler for 16 years and never make it that far, but it happens a lot. For every guy you see wrestle on TV there are 20 more who never made it. I am not complaining, mind you, I had a great time doing it, combining a love of performing with a natural athleticism. Now I have moved on the greener pastures, where I don’t get dropped on my head at all, working as a personal trainer at my local gym. Although I never made TV a lot of people know me as a local celebrity, which really helps my personal training business and serves to bring new people into the gym on a regular basis. Because of my size (I have always been a big boy) people assume that my focus is on weight lifting, but that isn’t the case. I focus on fitness coaching, so that all of my clients become as healthy and body-positive as possible. Every single client is different, so sometimes we do weight lifting, other times we focus on cardio or whatever is appropriate. Although I don’t do yoga myself I also recommend yoga classes to some clients. For me it isn’t about strength or power, or even endurance, it is about raising the level of a person’s health and wellness to the very best it can be.

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