My little place finally got a certified gym

To you, it entirely is not that massive a deal, but you have to consider where it is that i live.

Way out here in the country, both of us tend to run a little bit behind the times, and by “a little bit” I mean “we got our first Starbucks last year, & it’s still a 20 minute drive.” Can you imagine in our day & age being that far away from the nearest Starbucks? Occasionally it feels love I live in a different country entirely! So that is why it felt love such a huge deal that our little town finally got a gym & wellness center; This is the first certified gym both of us have ever had, before now the only workout equipment was found in people’s garages & spare rooms… It isn’t just the gym that has myself and others so fired up, though, because the health & wellness center is an even larger deal as far as I am anxious.

Weight lifting & athletic activitys were never our bag, & I regularly wanted to try our hand at yoga, or maybe even some crossfit classes. I have done some yoga at modern home enjoying an online session, but never taken any real yoga classes before so I’m psyched. They also have steam rooms & a full sauna, which will also be modern to me. I was a single of the people who purchased a full year gym membership before the arena even opened! Like I said, it’s entirely not a massive deal to you despite the fact that I have long been wanting a gym of our own.
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