Mom is fighting with HVAC company

“Though I’m not near, I still feel your insanity from here.” That’s what I said to my mom for Mother’s Day this year. Is that borderline mean? Maybe, but it’s definitely the truth. My mother is quite the character. She’s always up to something, causing more stress in her own life and then complaining about it incessantly to anyone who will pretend to listen. You literally don’t even have to speak back, and she’ll still tell you the whole story 15 times in a row. That’s why I’m so entirely familiar with the feud she’s recently started with the local HVAC company. Yes, you heard me right – my mother is fighting with a heating and cooling specialist. It’s not weird for her. Everything started 15 years ago, when she moved into her current home and inherited the old HVAC unit that was installed inside. She was never worried about the rusty old furnace or air conditioning unit, and barely paid any attention to them over the years. They were never professionally serviced by an HVAC professional or even inspected for safety. I honestly don’t know if she ever even changed the air filter in her heating or cooling systems. That’s why it was pretty ridiculous last year when she suddenly decided the ancient furnace didn’t provide enough hot air to the house. She suddenly wanted a ventilation specialist involved, and called the nearest HVAC dealership. When the heating specialist told her there wasn’t much he could do to save the decrepit furnace, she refused to believe him. Instead, she insists to this day that he just wanted to take advantage and charge and old woman money for nothing! It’s been 6 months now, and she still hasn’t paid the heating and cooling shop.

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