Installing an air conditioner in my treehouse

As a kid, I always wanted a treehouse, but I was never able to have one.

Even though my dad had enough money and skill to build a treehouse for us kids, he never had the desire to build a treehouse.

He always thought that it would be a waste of energy, and he decided that we could have a treehouse when we were older and living in our own house. So, when I moved into my own house, the first thing that I did was build a treehouse large enough for my entire family to have fun in! Since I live in the country, there are not many building codes, so I could do whatever I wanted. However, since I am an adult, I wanted some HVAC units in there to make it fun. I always had heard that treehouses were very warm in the summer and cold in the winter without HVAC units, and if I were going to have a treehouse for the entire family, I needed some HVAC units to prevent this. Now, I could have easily purchased a small window air conditioner and a small space heater to keep my treehouse comfortable, but I figured that these HVAC units would take up a lot of space that we didn’t have. Instead, I purchased a ductless mini-split air conditioner. This HVAC unit would not take up any floor space, and it was also very easy to install. These HVAC units are very versatile, and I am able to use it as both an air conditioner and a space heater. I don’t technically have kids yet, but since we have HVAC units, I guess my wife and I can enjoy the treehouse until then.

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